Vomiting is the forceful expulsion of contents in the stomach.

Treatment of Vomiting

There are many causes of nausea and vomiting including cyclic vomiting syndrome, cannabis hyperemesis syndrome, gastritis, pregnancy, stomach infections, intestinal obstruction, and many others. If your vomiting is not stopping it is important to seek care to help determine if you are experiencing a more serious condition. We also want to make sure you aren’t becoming dehydrated. During our assessment, we will help determine if your symptoms are representative of a more serious condition. If there are concerning factors, you may need a more comprehensive evaluation. In some instances this can be performed by us through a video telemedicine visit and in some cases you will need an in person evaluation by a healthcare provider. There are medications that can help control the symptoms of nausea and vomiting and if, appropriate, we will prescribe them for you. It may also be necessary to go to an Emergency Department or follow-up with a Primary Care Physician.