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"I fully anticipated paying more…y’all have really helped us change our lives and health so we love you guys and are happy to refer."

"Vivagen’s weight loss program has changed my life. I’ve been taking Semaglutide for 4 months and have lost 35 lbs. My hypertension is gone, my pre-diabetes is gone and I look and feel great. Eric, Josh and the whole team at Vivagen have been incredibly supportive. I am really excited about the new person I am and looking forward to a fantastic summer."

"I turned 40, happily married with 3 kids and always on the run with their sports. Eating healthy and exercising wasn’t always in the forefront of my day. Needless to say I gained some weight and was unhappy with my appearance. It was always easy to lose it it the past, but not anymore at my age. That’s when I found Erik and his company. With his help and guidance I lost almost 15 pounds and two belt sizes in under 2 months! I would highly recommend his practice to everyone."

Join our Semaglutide weight loss program to get the guidance and support you need to succeed from our team of Healthcare professionals.

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