Pembroke Pines Urgent Care

Pembroke Pines Urgent Care provides efficient and personalized urgent healthcare. We are fully equipped to treat and test any illness and injury that requires urgent care. When you need care in Pembroke Pines, our team of physicians is here to care for you 24/7.

We provide several services for children and adults, including vaccinations, general checkups, and more specialized procedures like X-rays or blood work. The best thing about our medical center in Pembroke is that you do not have to wait days to schedule an appointment with our health specialists.

We take in walk-in patients, ensuring we provide the best care to all our patients. Also, you can schedule an online appointment to save a spot. Currently, we are one of the most trusted urgent care facilities in Pembroke Pines. So why choose us?

Easy and Quick Urgent Care Services in Pembroke Pines

Pembroke Pines Urgent Care is conveniently located at the heart of Pembroke. This location provides an easy-access site for any patient within the city. Our health center has fully certified and licensed physicians ready to work with you 24/7. This 24/7 service allows for the provision of effective solutions to comprehensive urgent care.

No matter your health issue, our doctors are available to you online or in person. One thing you can be sure of is to feel confident with our urgent care. We offer you a safe environment that caters to easy and quick services.

If you have an emergency, you do not need to make an appointment as we accept walking. In addition, our pricing is incredibly affordable, where payment is through self-pay or insurance from most major insurance companies.

Expert and Warm Care for all Patients

Accurate diagnosis is vital in the medical care industry as it plays a crucial role in enhancing a patient’s overall health. Pembroke Pines Urgent Care uses the latest technologies to ensure accurate diagnosis and fast treatment. This fast treatment delivery helps build trust among our patients in Pembroke and other South Florida cities.

In addition, we have fully certified physicians, meaning you can trust us with health care for you or your family. These certified physicians ensure that all patients receive exceptional and equitable medical services. Our medical team aims to provide a comfortable experience for each patient.

They take a friendly approach when listening to any patient concern while ensuring a professional atmosphere. Thus every patient receives a welcoming and warm experience. Additionally, if you need any specialized or advanced treatment, our clinic has partnerships with the best nearby hospitals in Pembroke. Our goal is to offer quality urgent care for all.

Also, our experts provide informed care to all our patients. They offer information on prognosis, progress, clinical status, and process of care. This efficient information delivery by our practitioners facilitates patient self-care, autonomy, and better health promotion.

Effective Wellness and Illness Care

Our state-of-the-art facility treats and tests a wide range of illnesses. We provide urgent care services to both children and adults. Some of the services that we provide in Pembroke Pines include the following:

  • CT scans, X-rays, and lab-work
  • Occupational health services
  • COVID-19 testing
  • Travel health
  • Immunizations and wellness screening
  • Treatment for minor illnesses, like allergy reactions, common cold, diarrhea, tooth pain, minor rushes, minor asthma attacks, fever, sore throat, urinary tract infection, and tooth pain
  • Treatment for minor injuries, like scrapes, cuts, and dislocations

Safety and Quality

Healthcare changes are taking place incredibly fast, and at Pembroke Pines Urgent Care, we are a part of this change. Pembroke Pines Urgent Care’s mission revolves around providing safe and quality care. We aim to ensure that every urgent medical need of our patients is met. The cornerstone of our core values is to offer high-value and high-quality patient-centred care.

All our physicians have access to resources, technologies, and tools that aim to deliver the best care to each patient. We have a strong commitment to serving our community, and we excel in delivering the best patient experience.

Pembroke Pines Urgent Care exceeds the set national standards in staff responsiveness, medication communication, nurse communication, care transitions, and discharge information. You can trust to receive quality and safe health care from our facility.

In addition, Pembroke Pines Urgent Care is committed to offering patients an environment that understands their situation, supports their needs, and welcomes friends and family. We strongly care about our service provision and the manner in which we conduct our business.

We provide easy access to care. All patients can easily schedule appointments through our website. Also, our specialists are easily accessible to all walk-in patients. This easy access to care enables us to prioritize our patient’s health.

Our focus on integrity

Our facility inspires trust between patients and physicians through open communication. We believe in putting action to our words. Our center strives to attain the best, improve physicians’ skills, and continue to learn. We offer consistency in all our care processes.

Our commitment to Patient-centered Care

In patient-centered care, a patient’s specific health requirements and desired outcomes are the cornerstones of our quality measurements and healthcare decisions. Patients and practitioners work together as partners, where the physician treats the patient from a clinical social, spiritual, mental, emotional, and financial perspective.

Our philosophy revolves around the concept of patient-first. When patients walk through our doors, we prioritize their needs and earn their trust. We employ our patient-first motto by doing the following:

  • Providing them with exceptional experiences that ensure they believe in their choice to seek urgent care with our practice.
  • Our physicians greet each patient with kindness.
  • We help our patients understand difficult payment terms in insurance.
  • We prioritize patient confidentiality.

We provide convenient healthcare services

Our convenience starts with the location. You will find our practice at the center of Pembroke Pines; this facilitates an easy-to-find location. Furthermore, our location is beyond the physical. We are also available online. Our website provides one of the best places where you can reach us. If you have any medical questions you want to ask, you can contact us on our website. We have incredible customer support that is ready to meet your needs.

We are up to date with the latest trends in healthcare

Pembroke Pines Urgent Care keeps track of the latest trends in healthcare. We ensure we are informed of the latest insurance practices, health concerns, treatments, and prescription drugs. Every decision on staffing, protocols, and software solutions aims to deliver quality services and enhance our practice.

We offer collaborative care

Our healthcare facility prioritizes active collaboration between patients, physicians, and families. This active collaboration ensures we provide a comprehensive urgent care plan that involves shared decision-making. In this collaborative care, accurate information is shared in a timely manner, which allows the patient to make an informed decision.

Also, we ensure coordinated clinical care, front-line patient care, and ancillary services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make an appointment to receive urgent care?

No, our facility accepts walk-in patients. However, you can opt to schedule an online appointment.

What illnesses does Pembroke Pines Urgent Care treat?

Pembroke Pines Urgent Care has highly qualified practitioners who treat emergency injuries and illnesses. We cater to every patient, from babies to older seniors. Our work days are 365 days a year, ensuring we are always there for you.

How do I pay for urgent care?

There are two primary ways through which you can pay for urgent care. You can choose to pay via insurance or self-pay. With insurance, our facility accepts Medicare and PPO.

What happens if I do not have insurance?

As stated above, our facility accepts self-pay. Thus, you can always opt to self-pay if you do not have insurance.

What time is urgent care available for me?

One incredible benefit of our center is the 24/7 availability. You can come into our facility at any time of the day or night and receive medical attention.

Is respect for patients critical in this clinic?

Our practice respects each patient, as we recognize that every individual has their own preferences and unique values. We treat patients with sensitivity, dignity, and respect for their autonomy and cultural values.

Pembroke Pines Urgent Care

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