Why Vivagen

Done Differently

In a time where society is facing a tidal wave of mental and physical health challenges with delayed access to care from weeks to months and confusing billing practices, Vivagen strives to return the basic roots of healing, valuing genuine interaction with your care team in an accessible and affordable way. Vivagen offers same day and next day appointments at our medical hubs or at one of our satellite telemedicine locations. We can help manage both chronic conditions and unscheduled urgent needs. We can perform screenings for various diseases and even provide some medication prescriptions in our clinic, eliminating a separate trip to the pharmacy. Vivagen is designed and owned by medical practitioners that understand the needs of today's patients.

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Easy and

Easy and affordable

Our Medical Home model will allow patients to quickly and easily set appointments with a hand picked team with the same cultures, ethics and values as your medical practitioners. Efficient access to healthcare at an affordable price.

We prioritize
authentic human

We prioritize authentic human interaction

We aim to treat our members not just with tests and medications but with kindness, time, and attention. To prioritize authentic human interaction and create a Medical Home where concerns are heard and addressed with a unique care plan suited to the individual.

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Designed by

Designed by Practitioners

Vivagen is designed and owned by Medical Practitioners who prioritize purpose over profit and are familiar with the shortfalls of todays broken medical system.

Patient Centered Philosophy

Life is complex and busy. You'll find kind and understanding healthcare providers at Vivagen Health.

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  • Illustrative Evidence based practice
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