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Same/next day appointments. With or without insurance.

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AllergiesAbdominal discomfortChest discomfortCough, colds and fluCuts and scrapesMinor injuriesHeadachesWeight LossSexually transmitted infectionsSkin rashes and molesSport injuriesTravel healthUpset stomachUrinary tract infectionsBack painNeck painSprains and strainsMuscle cramps and spasmsEar achesNose bleedingEye painSore throatDental painVomiting and diarrheaMany others

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3 ways to connect
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This includes

  • Telemedicine visit with Healthcare Provider from your mobile device (for patients in Florida)
  • Prescription refills
  • Same/next day availability
  • Priority office scheduling if an in-person visit is needed

On the go- from home, work, or travel we can address simpler medical problems through telemedicine. Everything on your personal device.

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This includes

  • Everything included in Basic Telemedicine, plus...
  • Diagnostic testing, such as Covid, flu, strep, and RSV on site
  • Lab tests on site
  • Vital signs assessment, including heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and oxygen saturation on site
  • Virtual exam as needed, including ears, throat, heart and lungs on site
  • All visits take place at one of our new Entelemed sites

Enhanced telemedicine with medical staff to draw blood, obtain vitals and perform an EKG and other basic tests at one of our locations.

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This includes

  • Everything included in Entelemed, plus...
  • In-person visit with Healthcare Provider
  • Procedures such as ear wax removal, lacerations, opening of abscess, splints for sprains, injections, and many more
  • EKG

Come to our medical office for your primary care and urgent care needs. We offer complete medical assessments in-person in a timely fashion. Services include blood tests, x-rays, stitches, EKGs, and other common urgent procedures.

Why be part of Vivagen

Changing the equation

Our medical hub serves as your medical home - a place for primary care and urgent care. Our Enhanced-Telemedicine express locations afford the opportunity for accessible care away from our hub and closer to you to address less complex medical concerns with both an in-person basic healthcare assessment and a telemedicine consult with our healthcare providers at the hub. Should you need more definitive care, we won't let you down. We'll get you a prioritized appointment at our hub.

Vivagen Office Entelemed by Vivagen Other telemedicine services Others
Comprehensive in-person evaluation
Telemedicine evaluation
Express sites with basic healthcare
assessments combined with telemedicine
Prescription medicines available on-site
Obtain blood specimen for lab tests
Diagnostic tests, such as X-rays and EKGs

What makes us different




Telemedicine healthcare providers available
at our express sites or on your phone

Lab services

Drop-in lab services and prescription
medications available in our office

Medical record

Access to your medical
record from any device

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Affordable prices even
if you dont't have insurance


Compassionate providers, that are
experts in caring available at our hub