Medical Weight Loss

Unlock Your Weight Loss Potential

Unlock Your Weight Loss Potential

It can be frustrating dealing with weight loss plateaus and feeling like you’re not unlocking your full weight loss potential. And, many practitioners fail to recognize that weight loss isn’t simply a matter of will power but is also a complex disease. While there are many potential solutions to weight loss, our medical program may be able to help you. Our approach, featuring Semaglutide Injections approved by the FDA, is designed to break through weight loss barriers.

Our team of medical professionals will be with you every step of the way. Combining nutrition and lifestyle modification with a medical weight-loss approach, we’ll craft a personalized plan that suits your unique needs to help you unlock the results you’ve been striving for. Don’t wait any longer—choose Vivagen Health for a healthier, happier, and more confident you.

We understand that losing weight can be both physically and emotionally challenging.

See Real-Life Success

Get inspired by everyday people just like you who have transformed their lives with Vivagen Health’s Semaglutide Injections.

"Vivagen’s weight loss program has changed my life. I’ve been taking Semaglutide for 4 months and have lost 35 lbs. My hypertension is gone, my pre-diabetes is gone and I look and feel great. Eric, Josh and the whole team at Vivagen have been incredibly supportive. I am really excited about the new person I am and looking forward to a fantastic summer."
"I fully anticipated paying more…y’all have really helped us change our lives and health so we love you guys and are happy to refer."
"I turned 40, happily married with 3 kids and always on the run with their sports. Eating healthy and exercising wasn’t always in the forefront of my day. Needless to say I gained some weight and was unhappy with my appearance. It was always easy to lose it it the past, but not anymore at my age. That’s when I found Erik and his company. With his help and guidance I lost almost 15 pounds and two belt sizes in under 2 months! I would highly recommend his practice to everyone."

How it Works

See if you’re a candidate

Vivagen’s weight loss specialists and physicians will complete health evaluations during virtual and in-office appointments.

Inject and lose weight

You will be taught how to take your injections in the comfort of your own home while we support you in your weight loss journey.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

As you lose weight and after your program is complete, we will be here to make sure you stay healthy with regular and urgent care visits.

Medical Weight Loss FAQs

What is Semaglutide?

A weekly injectable medicine, in conjunction with lifestyle modifications, to assist you in accomplishing your weight loss goals.

How does Semaglutide work?

Semaglutide plays a role in your digestion and appetite regulation. You’ll feel full faster so you eat fewer calories!


How much weight can you lose?

On average, patients may lose up to 6-12% of their initial body weight.

What are the most common side of effects?

Since Semaglutide slows digestion and curbs your appetite, some patients may experience:

Abdominal discomfort
Diarrhea or constipation

This is why we titrate each patient up over 3 months–to minimize these potential side effects.

As with taking any medication, other more serious side effects may exist. We’ll provide you with education and guidance each step of the way, so you can make an informed decision.

Are there contraindications?

Yes- a history of thyroid cancer, pancreatitis, or multiple endocrine neoplasia.

Ready to lose weight?

Ready to lose weight?

Take the first step to a happier and healthier lifestyle by scheduling a free screening with a Vivagen specialist to see if our Semaglutide weight loss program is right for you. If you would prefer to schedule your appointment over the phone, please call us at 954-440-6468.

*When scheduling your virtual consultation, be sure to click the “Video Visit” radio button.