Treatment of Poison Ivy/Oak/Sumac

  • A cold compress
  • Calamine lotion directly on the rash
  • Non-prescription hydrocortisone cream
  • Antihistamines to ease the itching

You and your online doctor can help determine the severity of your poison ivy or poison oak and what type of treatment is needed. Our platform has an image upload feature that is extremely helpful for both providers and patients. With this feature, our physicians can get a precise, detailed look at your rash before the visit even begins. This feature is also very useful to see how your rash has progressed.

If your poison ivy or poison oak rash has been present for a few days and you have a picture from the first day, it is helpful for our providers to see the comparison. If your outbreak is on your face, this feature is specifically useful for those who wear makeup – you can take a picture when you have a clean face, save it, and upload it before your visit! For best results we recommend pictures be taken in bright, natural light, close to the rash, and from a few different angles. If you can give a size perspective, like laying a dime near the reaction, this can be extremely helpful, as well.