As we navigate our way in what many are considering a post-COVID world, one common question we hear at Vivagen Health is: Will COVID-19 actually go away?

COVID-19 virus



COVID-19, caused by the novel coronavirus, has been a global health crisis for over three years now. Millions of people have been infected, and hundreds of thousands have lost their lives to this disease. The pandemic has caused unprecedented disruptions to our daily lives, and many are looking for answers about what the future holds. Check out some recent data from the CDC.



Not so Fast…

The short answer to whether COVID-19 will go away is that it is unlikely to disappear completely. Like many viruses, it is likely to become endemic, meaning that it will continue to circulate in the population at lower levels. However, this does not mean that the impact of the pandemic will be felt in the same way as it has been in prior years. However, the severity and impact of the virus in the future can be significantly reduced through various measures such as improved treatments, mitigation techniques, and effective public health policies.

Endemic, huh?

The emergence of new variants of the virus, some of which may be more transmissible or more resistant to current treatments will likely remain a concern. The truth is that this pandemic was a wake-up call to our world because while we seem to be winning this battle against COVID-19, we are always at risk for new emerging infectious disease threats. This is our opportunity to create robust monitoring systems and continued research on quick response solutions to future threats.


In conclusion, while COVID-19 is unlikely to disappear completely, the pandemic has shown us the importance of working together globally to address public health challenges, and it is essential that we continue to do so to ensure a healthier and more resilient future. Feeling ill or maybe just not yourself, visit our clinic for low-cost and accessible healthcare. Vivagen Health offers telemedicine appointments at $29 a visit and low-cost office appointments with same/next-day availability. We have two offices for your convenience one in Pembroke Pines and another one in Coral Ridge!

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